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Hi welcome to the WordPress blog for Tom the BI Vic BC Guy. Here I’ll share my opinions, ideas and further discussions on the idea of a universal basic income.

The idea has been around for over 500 years and is now gaining momentum due to radical economic, global and technological paradigm shifts.

If this your first time looking into this I applaud you for your decision to be open to finding out more information!

I am more than happy to try to answer any questions but I do recommend having a look at the “Recommend Viewing”, “Links” and the newly created “Playlist List” pages listed in the above menu.

The latter takes you to organized playlists of numerous YouTube clips including my expanded “Recommended Viewing” of 50+ clips with speakers like former United States president candidate Andrew Yang of $1000 Freedom Dividend fame, Floyd Marinescu of, Canadian speaker and researcher Evelyn Forget (writer of Basic Income for Canadians and famous for her research into Manitoba’s Mincome project), retired Vietnam veteran and businessman John Griffin and economists like Karl Widerquist and Guy Standing. These are just a sample of the hours of ideas that are out there. 

If you like it please follow us and I will update you with everything I know about how things progress as well as giving some of my ideas on the subject as a blue collar working man of 30 years here in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia!

A better world IS possible!
🌏 🔭 🍁

Tom Pogson

Note: I’ve changed the name from what used to be Basic Income Victoria BC as I am not a downstream of Basic Income Earth Network (BEIN). I was not asked to do this. I was a little embarrassed when I realized my mistake but was considering the choice of 1) mothball the project and use my account (which I originally didnt want to do to spam friends/family into the pavement with my enthusiasm) 2 )change the name and not lose what I had built over almost 2 years. I went obviously with the latter. It also helps with visuals because it’s hard to act as a solo entity and be conversational when people get the wrong impression that your some kind of non-profit talking to them when of course…I’m not. I’ve had this both from proponents and opponents so as my activity in this movement gets more…well, active, being BIVBC just became more awkward a problematic thing to drag around.